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Deliver Value

Use cases
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Recruiting & Onboarding

Elevate your HR processes with our platform.
Engage new hires with virtual environments and personalization and simplify recruitment and onboarding with our user-friendly interface. 

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Collaboration & Workplace

Connect with remote employees through a virtual space.
Collaborate effectively with video conferencing and screen sharing and boost productivity with familiar productivity tools on 

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Training & Education

Say goodbye to tedious training with our platform.
Customize immersive learning experiences with virtual spaces and interactive activities and enjoy real-time or self-paced learning options for a seamless and engaging experience. 

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Agile & Scrum meetings rooms

Agile and Scrum are collaboration-focused project management frameworks, our virtual meeting rooms facilitate effective communication and collaboration and increase efficiency, build culture, and measure productivity with 

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Deliver wellness experiences with
Participate in virtual classes and connect with others for support and community. 

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Culture Building

Customize a virtual office space that reflects your company and values. Foster belonging and interaction among employees and build a resilient, inclusive, and future-proof workplace with 

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Team Activities & Games

Keep teams engaged and connected with virtual activities and games, customize your virtual workspace to align with your goals and objectives and use our interactive features for meetings and training sessions to enhance collaboration and learning. 

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Digital Twins

Digital twins create authentic experiences in the metaverse, our platform helps businesses create virtual versions of physical assets and add interactivity and personalization for customers to explore and interact in new ways. 

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Brands & Commerce

Build trust and captivate your audience in the metaverse, showcase products and services for an authentic connection with customers and gain real-time insights to optimize strategies and improve business performance

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Communities, Events & Tradeshow

Showcase products and services in virtual event spaces with and build relationships and establish trust with customizable, immersive events of all sizes. 

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The ultimate cloud based virtual spaces OS

Engage teams with productive virtual worlds on the cloud

2023 Innovation
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Frictionless & secure access
on any device via web

SSO or Social Media Login

SSO Login or social login (Microsoft, Google, LinkedIn), personalized security, spawn locations, maps and community.

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Your own portal with pixel streaming + WEB integration with video, voice and chat.

YOUR SITE (iFrame)
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Easily embed in your website with an iFrame

One link away

Connect with your team's calendar, share a secure link and meet from any device

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Security & Data Protection

Enterprise level security with both public and secured accessible spaces with Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA)

ISO 27001 & SOC 2 compliant

Integrates with almost every productive web tool imaginable:

Chat GPT, Microsoft tools, Youtube, Twitch, Gmail, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Outlook, Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Airtable, Miro, Mural, PowerBI, & more.

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